Global Warming being blamed for California wildfires

These days each global catastrophe seems to be blamed on Global Warming.  Once upon a time, it was the ‘Act of God’.  Now it’s the ‘Acts of Man’.

California firesThe immense California wildfires are the latest calamity to receive the blame.  Environmentalists (really?), elected politicians (surprise, surprise) and others have recently made the claim that these California wildfires were caused by conditions created by Global Warming.

Let’s forget that the fires could be “attributed to a cooling Pacific, two years of La Niña, and environmental mismanagement.”

ICECAP has posted a brilliant analysis by Joseph D’Aleo – California’s Fires Result of a Cooling Pacific, Two Years of La Niña and Environmental Mismanagement.

The article explains that La Niña’s usually mean dryness in the southwest.  Combine the ‘natural cyclical lack of rainfall’ with environmental blunders and you have a recipe for disaster.   

Environmental blunder #1 was caused by the Sierra Club and others who insisted that brush not be cleared from the areas surrounding housing developments.

Environmental blunders #2 were the environmental restrictions imposed on the amount of water that could be used by the Central Valley agricultural farmers.

Let’s see.  We’ve got dry air, dried brush and reduced water and people are surprised that there are fires.  Add an arsonist and you’ve got a massive wildfire.

This article also delves into the Pacific multidecadal warming and cooling cycle. 

For the full story, go to ICECAP or click [here].

California fires as seen from satellite

California fires as seen from satellite


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