Joe Bastardi Responds to Greenpeace on Global Warming Enhanced California Wildfires

Last week, we reported that Senator John Kerry and others asserted that man-made Global Warming helped enhance the California wildfires.  Greenpeace also made this claim.

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Read from Greenpeace – Thousands Flee California Wildfires

Greenpeace made some very strong assertions with no factual evidence to support them.

“But, as California burns and another major hurricane barrels toward the West coast, we can say with some certainty that we are already witnessing the effects of global warming in our very own backyard.” (emphasis theirs)

A nice vague comment that provides no facts whatsoever.

“While the causes of the California wildfires remain unknown, their unrelenting ferocity is being blamed on recent temperatures, which have been in the triple-digits in some inland Los Angeles areas. Hundreds of thousands of acres have already burned this summer, the worst damage in years, and researchers expect that figure to rise well above average before the season is over.”

“California is also in the middle of one of its most active hurricane seasons in decades.  There have already been ten named storms this summer, seven of which have occurred during the month of August.  As thousands flee the wildfires, Hurricane Jimena is spinning its way toward the Baja California coastline.  The storm is currently listed as a Category 4, with powerful winds over 155 miles per hour, but some are predicting that Jimena will reach Category 5 before it hits land.”

“Scientists have been telling us that, as the planet continues to get warmer, we can expect an increased frequency and intensity of both summer forest fires and hurricanes.  It is now painfully clear that global warming is upon us, whether we like it or not. (emphasis theirs)

In case Greenpeace hasn’t noticed, the Atlantic hurricane season is quite light.  In fact, the storms are not as intense as in previous years.  In fact, they are also quick to weaken as they get closer to the Caribbean.

“We have been warned that the only way to stop runaway climate change and prevent the worst impacts of global warming is with a new international climate treaty that would reduce global warming pollution 25-40% below 1990 levels by 2020.”

We are provided with key data from Senator Kerry and Greenpeace.  ‘Scientists have been telling us …’, ‘we have been warned …’, ‘… we can say with some certainty…’ are excellent factual arguments in favor of global warming.

On the flip-side, AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi posted a video challenging the assertion that man-made Global Warming helped cause the California wildfires.

View Joe Bastardi – Debunking Global Warming in California’s Wildfires

He later appeared on The O’Reilly Factor which further supported his position.

What we respect about Joe Bastardi is that he always clearly, concisely and passionately supports his position.  That is evident in both videos.

Bastardi also had an open letter to AccuWeather viewers posted on their website.

Joe BastardiHe made some very logical points including this one with why we should all be skeptical regarding global warming.

“Unlike many people, I am well acquainted and respect the co2 warming idea, but in its pure form, which actually allows for the cooling coming now! There in lies the problem. We can’t know till after the period that is coming up through 2030 whether co2 is really a player or not. The threat of not only oceanic cycles cooling the earth, but the suns lack of intensity and increased volcanic and seismic activity could mean that as some papers in the early 90s (and dismissed by many) opined we would be as cold as back in the early 1800s. What you see now may just be the beginning. One thing we do know, that we should be skeptical of any future event, no matter what we believe.”

Bastardi concludes with some points to ponder.

“I will leave you with this. Common sense dictates that a trace gas needed for life on the planet would not be the cause for destroying life on the planet. Common sense dictates that what has happened before without man can happen again with man. Common sense would dictate that you not believe me, or any one else, but go look for YOURSELF. If its important enough for you to be happy with what I said, or to be mad as all get out at what I said, you owe it to yourself to go read all sides of the argument. To be informed, and not to simply throw stones.”

It is critical that everyone read BOTH sides to every issue.  If one side attacks the other, name calls and attempts to shut down debate they either have something to hide or their points lack merit.

It was clear that with the California wildfires one side used alarmist tactics and fact-less generalizations to promote their perspective while the other used scientific data and historical trends to support theirs.


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One response to “Joe Bastardi Responds to Greenpeace on Global Warming Enhanced California Wildfires

  1. mark

    I live in Southern California and can attest that summers
    for the past three years are getting cooler. There is more rain (a
    lot more) lately, and winters are much more wet and cold. I think
    everyone should be very careful about making the case for warming.
    When crops fail, people start starving, lose their homes etc
    because of cooling, a lot of anger will be directed toward those
    who push for warming right now. Just living here, I can’t believe
    there is warming going on. Btw, all the fires this last summer
    around where I live (Inland Empire), were man made (negligence or