Arctic Ice Increases For 2nd Straight Year But Don’t Tell The Alarmists

Science has already determined that Global Warming is occurring and we are up against the point of no return.  Unless we do something about man-made CO2 we are destined for extinction – killed in massive floods, extremely high temperatures, severe natural disasters (don’t let the word natural fool you) and of course cannibalism (thank you Ted Turner). 

Just take a look at the Arctic Ice levels.  They have been collapsing at an incredible rate and if something isn’t done soon, many coastal areas will be submerged in water.  The Everglades will be coastal property in South Florida.  In New York City, the 39th floor of the Chrysler Building will be a great spot to dive into the river. 

Let’s look at the following chart to see just how the Arctic Ice levels have been falling.

GW Arctic 1

As you can see, the blue line indicating the ice extent for September 2009 is 23.4% greater than the same point in 2007. 

This can’t be correct.  How can the Arctic Ice extent increase if Global Warming is getting stronger? 

Take a look at this comparison between September 2007 and 2009 (from the Cryosphere at the University of Illinios)

GW Arctic 2

 From Ice Melt Season Shows Another Increase in Extent by Joe D’Aleo posted on Intellicast.

 “Arctic ice changes are not new, there was a similar dip in the warmer 1930s-early 1950s period and according to Russian oceanographers in the 1800s. These predictable drops are due to natural factors including the sun, volcanic activity, ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and Pacific and the summer wind flow patterns, many of which are interrelated.”

It looks like Arctic ice changes fluctuate in a cyclical fashion coinciding with the warming and cooling trends not in an out-of-control warming trend as the alarmists would have us believe. 

Clearly, the data is still coming in and the evidence that the alarmists continue to throw at us (arctic ice melting) is for the past 2 years starting to trend the other way.

Check out Joe D’Aleo’s article on Intellicast.


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