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‘In Search of … The Coming Ice Age’ – A Video from 1978

Last night I watched an episode of the 1970’s television program ‘In Search Of …The Coming Ice Age’ hosted by Leonard ‘Mr. Spock’ Nimoy on YouTube.  The episode first aired in May, 1978.

Other sites have offered their 2 cents and perspective on this show but I think the episode’s approach is quite unique.

Today’s Alarmist crowd insults all who just merely question the validity of their so-called evidence.  They also blame humans.  All catastrophes are the result of man-made climate change.

Hurricanes are more ferocious, tornadoes are more volatile and drought conditions are significantly more severe all courtesy of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by man’s greed and selfishness.

That is why I found the episode so fascinating.

Forget the fact that only 30 years ago there was a television program that featured the theory that we were heading into another ice age.  I already knew that.  I read that 1975 article in Newsweek. [link below]

What was fascinating was that the data presented was based on historical facts and trends.  No one was to blame for what was happening to the planet.  Man was not being condemned for causing the inevitable pending ice age nor was there an attempt to create a multi-billion dollar industry to prevent it from occurring.  Congress and the world’s major countries weren’t at work trying to figure out how to reverse the conditions.  (Those were being discussed but so were the ramifications if action was taken.)

Part of the problem could be the extremes of each situation.

During an Ice Age, thick sheets of ice cover the surface of the earth down from the poles heading toward the equator.  Cities in the United States were covered by 1 – 2 miles of ice.

When the next Ice Age comes, it will significantly reduce the human population and it will cause mass migration toward the equator.  Many species of life would become extinct.

On the flip side, when the earth is in its warming trend, it is called the interglacial period.  The earth is currently in one now.  During these interglacial periods, the surface of the earth warms and the ice caps head back toward the poles.

Here’s the rub – when we examine the history of the earth, we know that an Ice Age is capable of killing most life as we know it.  Meanwhile, during the interglacial period, temperatures warm to about the current temperatures and don’t necessarily get much warmer than this though there were periods 5000 – 8000 years ago that were slightly warmer than today.

Since we were – until 1998 – in a warming trend, our friends, the alarmists, had to create a fear so great as to grab our attention.  Can you imagine the world’s reaction if we were told that this warming trend may increase the earth’s temperature a few more degrees?  It’s hard enough to get anyone to listen now with all the doomsayers.

For more on the Global Cooling story run in Newsweek April 28, 1975 – The Cooling World

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